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Our consultancy advice is tailored to suit each client's individual strategy and project.

We guarantee delivery of our technical work and advice within agreed timescales and will not compromise on the delivery of our services. Our advice is direct, jargon-free and commercial. We work collaboratively with design teams to provide commercial advice and ensure neighbourly matters are understood and managed effectively.



A right to light is an easement and is the right to receive sufficient natural light through a defined aperture. As the density of urban areas continue to increase to meet the needs of a rising population, infringements from new developments are increasingly common.


We work closely with our clients, their designers and legal advisors, to assess and manage the risks posed to their developments by rights to light issues. We also advise neighbours on the impact of development on their property.


We provide commercial, director-led advice tailored to suit each individual client's requirements. Our service, for developers, designers and neighbours include:


– Pre-acquisition advice

– Detailed technical analysis  

– Optimum development envelopes and advice on scheme amendments

– Negotiation and settlement of claims

– Procuring insurance quotes

– Acting as Expert Witness

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The impact on daylight and sunlight amenity to surrounding properties is a key factor for local planning authorities when determining whether to approve a planning application. Similarly, the provision of adequate daylight and sunlight is important when designing new accommodation.


The continuing demand for new homes and associated infrastructure means that cities and urban areas throughout the UK are becoming increasingly densely developed. This increase in density necessitates the careful consideration of daylight and sunlight amenity throughout the design process.


We advise developers and designers from acquisition and determining project feasibility to detailed design and submission of an application. Our services include:


– Initial daylight and sunlight advice

– Design recommendations

– Detailed daylight and sunlight analysis

– Overshadowing studies

– Daylight and sunlight reports

– Overshadowing reports

– Radiance analysis

– Environmental impact assessments

– Representation at Planning Committees and Public Inquiries


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides owners of buildings with certain rights to carry out work to party walls and other structures, and a framework for exercising these rights based on notification and the resolution of disputes via the appointment of surveyors. 


We advise clients on the most efficient utilisation of this legislation, allowing them to maximise their statutory powers and, where necessary, negotiate access to neighbouring land and buildings to facilitate construction and development works. 


Our knowledge of the legal and technical issues arising from the full range of neighbourly matters, allows us to advise our clients on both a strategic and practical level.  Our negotiating skills and proactive approach facilitates the effective management and prompt resolution of all neighbourly matters.



– Strategic advice on rights and obligations under the Act.

– Acting as Party Wall Surveyor

– Recording Schedules of Condition

– Negotiating construction access for cranes, scaffolding or hoardings.

– Tunnel Surveys

– Neighbourly liaison

– Boundary surveys

– Dealing with issues of damage and compensation



– Advising on the validity of Notices served, and your rights and obligations, under the Act.

– Reviewing details of the proposed works to ensure they are suitable and will not cause unnecessary inconvenience.

– Checking and agreeing schedules of condition.

– Negotiating party wall awards.

– Dealing with issues of damage and compensation



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27-31 Clerkenwell Close, London. EC1R 0AT

T. 020 3154 2691

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