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It was reiterated in the case that the ‘ordinary use of land’ is privileged, so it can never be a nuisance. In this case, the creation of the viewing gallery, visited by an estimated 500,000 - 600,000 visitors per year, many of them seemingly intent on looking into the NEO Bankside Flats with binoculars or recording the neighbours and the neighbouring building with smartphones, was considered extraordinary. 

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After 11 years, the Building Research Establishment (“BRE”) has updated the guidelines on site layout and planning for daylight and sunlight. 


The new 2022 edition was published in June this year and has superseded the previous 2011 version.

Uncertainty Remains after Developer Refused Permission to Appeal Against a Ruling by the Court of Appeal


The Court of Appeal has refused Florala Properties Limited permission to appeal against the High Court judgement in their case against Beaumont Business Centres Limited which was decided in the High Court last year.

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